Fermoclean 2920 Clean Room Door

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Fermoclean 2920 Clean Room Door

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Manual systems for sliding doors up to 130kg for clean environment.

  • For doors of 40mm to 60mm door thickness, with frame thickness up to 10mm
  • Compact dimensions. The track is fixed directly on the frame and ramps and stops are integrated in.
  • Articulated aluminium cover with adapted design for clean rooms application and to receive, without any modification, an automatic kit. Colour RAL 9010.
  • Through use of an anti-derailment feature safety is maximised
  • Bottom guide rail fixed on the underside of the door
  • The rail is easy to mount and requires minimum maintenance
  • Smooth & silent operation
  • Products in accordance to the European Directives and Standards


  • External lever handles, edge-fixing
  • External and internal fixed handle
  • Simple gasket, light grey colour


  • Automatic kit (ask for detailed literature)
  • Two door leaves system (ask for detailed literature)

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1101 to 1300mm
1301 to 1500mm
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